Agence de Communication

Strategic Advise

In a modern society where information has never circulated so fast, communication becomes a matter of timing. A message delivered at the wrong moment can have disastrous consequences on your reputation or on the introduction of your product.

Today, it’s not simply a question of spreading a message anymore : You have to elaborate a strategy, conduct a global reflexion, study the market, prepare a campaign with well-defined objectives that will assure you to reach the predefined target.

Pictura-crea will be there, with you, all along the process in order to take the right decisions on the right moment. In order to be able to do so, we are putting several services at your disposal. Here you’ve got some :



This word might look simple, anodyne. However a good advice can be more important than all measures you could take. The advise and the relation of confidence that we are establishing with our customers is the strong point of Pictura-Crea. Before taking any action, it’s necessary to consider and verify if these actions are pertinent. We will help you with the conception of your plans and your marketing strategies, market research, the establishment of your requirements, the research of an eye-catcher or a slogan, … to make sure that slowly but steadily your business can grow without vacillating.


Visual Identity

Your identity is what is differentiating you from your neighbour. She’s defining you as a person on your qualities, your capacities, your reputation. That definition also applies to your company. Pictura-crea will be at your side to create the image of your company that will express, better than a long speech, tot the entire world the capacities of your enterprise. We will look after it’s respect by offering you, apart from a logo, the possibility to put in place a graphical charter that will guarantee the respect of your image any time and at any place.


Direct Marketing

Under this denomination, that could appear a little hazy, you will find a whole lot of ways of communication dedicated to stimulate a target, your customers, by using an extensive marketing strategy. Pictura-crea will propose, a series of coordinate communication measures that will reflect at its best the expectations of your target. These mesures will pass through the written press, promotional inserts, poster campains, all mailbox distribution, mailings ...


Inbound marketing

In opposition to classic marketing, that knocks down the target with promotional messages, the inbound marketing, that can be qualified as e-marketing, aims to attract the attention of potential customers by taking them directly to your site. This relatively simple technique, is mainly based on a content of quality that is updated regularly, as well as a great interactivity mainly on the forums of the social media like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also diverse means of referencing.



An audit is a global or targeted study of your internet site. Her goal is to detect her strong points, er weak points and to know what is her trough place on the canvas. Starting from those statements, Pictura-Crea will propose several solutions in order to align your internet site with the expectations of your company. These evolutions can be marked on the background (ensure compliance with W3C, update of your legal mentions ...) or on the form (revision of the texts and referencing, graphical reorientation, multimodal adaptation, revision of the ergonomics ...)

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