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Who are we

Our philosphy ! :

« Our richness is resulting from an original and human approach. That’s why we estimate that communications is not a question fo b2b and/or B2c but from person to person! »

Pictura crea is an agency that was created by Michel and Nordinne who met on the school benches.
Animated with a common passion, communication, they’ve decided to educate themselves to study all the principles of this discipline and to add their touch, their know-how, that makes all the difference.


Michel is passionate about new technologies that enameling every day’s life keeping a great respect for the past. He’s not missing one occasion to discover the works of art of the great people of the past, whether they are 10 years old or 10 centuries ; he’s always approaching them with the same question 'What was making the succes of this work ?'. This question seems to be the key to his future works and it’s with this perseverance that he’s continuing his quest.

Nordine is less cartasian, he prefers the language of the heart. Talented for drawing, he learned to express his emotions through … and his pencils. Like a lot of artists, it’s a passionate and complete person for whom different cultures and traditions are all sources of inspiration. The sense of commitment has a very particular meaning to him.


Diploma in their pocket end a head full of ideas, they immediately provoked the infatuation and attracted the attention of a few great names of their respective specialties. L'expérience engrangée leur a permis de comprendre à quel point leur amitié, plus encore que leurs compétences, les rendait complémentaires. The experience they gathered has given them the opportunity to understand how their friendship, and even more their competences, made them complementary. They’ve fixed themselves as a target to share their passions staying linked. The best way to do it was to create their agency : Pictura- crea.

Pictura-crea is an agency at a human scale, ready to take up all challenges with enthusiasm and energy. This verve will be their first trump to differentiate you from your competitors when targeting the public that is consigned to your product. Nevertheless our two creators are staying realistic. They continue acquiring new competences in order to keep current of all innovations and of all new tendencies. In the same perspective, they don’t hesitate to surround themselves with professionals in order to answer all solicitations and keeping a high level of requirements. All these requirements, these milestones of excellences, are present within Pictura-Crea only with one and unique goal : To transform your ideas in a concrete reality.

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